Friday, August 17, 2012

Tutu Cute!!

Karlee’s 2nd Birthday was so much fun. For her party I got the idea to do a Tutu party because she was turning 2. I was so happy with how everything turned out.  My whole family put in so much work to make this party happen and I am so grateful to them! Here are the pictures of the setup.

The table setting for the girls.

Necklaces, wands, tiaras, and sunglasses for the girls.
My Dad made this amazing cupcake stand!
 My mom put the finishing touches on it.
Candy table!

This is the backdrop we made to take pictures of the girls. We later decorated picture frames and put their pictures in them.
Here are the pictures from the party!
 Karlee and Madison!

Karlee and Lucia!
Decorating the frames!

We put out the bubble machine and the girls had a blast playing in the bubbles.

Singing to the Birthday Girl!



Jaclyn Hicks said...

Looks like such a fun birthday! You are so creative!

Vicky Durham said...

So fun!! You are so creative! Looks like everyone had an awesome time! Happy Birthday Karlee! : )

The Drussel Family said...

Such a cute party!!

Natalie said...

Such a cute party theme! Little Karlee is SO cute!