Sunday, October 5, 2008

Italy Rome Temple

President Monson announced the construction of a Temple in Italy. I am very excited to see the Saints of Italy blessed with a Temple. On my first day in Rome as a missionary we went to what we knew as the viletta. Here we were told of the work we were doing and that we hoped to build a temple on this piece of land. Now that dream has been realized. To get more information on the Italy Rome Temple click here. The outlined piece of land is where the temple will be built. Inside the circles are the viletta and an olive orchard.

Here is President Pacini in the olive orchard. Here he would have each of the new missionaries come and kneel in the orchard and pray for the work in Italy.

This is the viletta. Missionaries who work in the office live here. Also missionaries staying in Rome for a conference would stay here.

This is the driveway up to the viletta. You can see Via di Settebagni at the end of the driveway.


aaburga said...

Historic! We should start saving money to go with the wives to its dedication!

DanTheMan said...
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DanTheMan said...

I am planning on going for the dedication. Some how some way I will be there.

Natalie said...

That's awesome.

The Mason Family said...

Fo' shizzle I'm planning on being there for the dedication. Whether my finances plan with me is another question. Any idea how long we have to save up our Euros?