Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breakfast at Daniel & Vanessa's

Since Daniel has every other Friday off from work we decided to try out the waffle maker we got as a wedding gift. We decided to make our own waffle batter and use some strawberries and peaches for toppings. Here is Daniel mixing the batter.
Making waffles can be messy.

Some of our delicious waffles.

The finished product. We had so much fun making breakfast and the waffles tasted great. We are going to have to make Friday morning breakfast a tradition whenever Daniel is off work.


Natalie said...

You guys are so cute, those waffles look really good.

Eric said...

Since you're off next Friday maybe you can come down here and make us some waffles.

aaburga said...

Man those waffles look goooooooood!

Natalie said...

You can always come up here and make us waffles too. But you'll have to bring your waffle maker because we don't have one anymore. =)

aaburga said...

Man those waffles look REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOD! Only waffles I get are the light kind from the freezer :(

P.S. I posted a baby update per your request!

Greg and Cara said...

YUMMY! So we would like reservations for 6 this Friday morning around 7 am. Sorry so early, but it is a school day. ;-)