Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hawaiian Honeymoon

This is the plane we took from Honolulu to Kauai. You had to walk out onto the tarmac to board the plane.

Here we are enjoying the beach and catching some sun. It rained almost every day for just a little bit. This was the first day we went to the beach without getting rained on.
Here we are in front of one of the beautiful beaches of Kauai.

We went out to dinner a few times. Food was pretty expensive but not too bad.

Here we are standing in front of a waterfall. There are lots of waterfalls on the island. There was one in the center of the island that went down the side of an entire mountain.

This is our lovely little rental car.

Here we are after arriving at the resort. They gave us leis. Vanessa was very excited to get an actual Hawaiian lei


Natalie said...

Hawaii looks beautiful. And you guys look great together.

Serena said...

Lucky. How fun.

Natalie said...

Hey Vanessa I cant believe I found your blog. It looks like you guys had alot of fun in Hawaii. I am going to add you to my freinds you can check out our blog at thebudges.blogspot.com. We need to have a game night soon ttyl.

aaburga said...

Hawaii! I need to go there....oh wait, Amber and I need to go there; but that would mean I'd have to pay for her too...crap!

Cara said...

Ha! I found your blog. :-) I am so happy you had a great time in Hawaii. It looks beautiful!